The People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City has just issued four decisions to approve the 1/500 planning of Can Gio tourism urban area

Accordingly, Can Gio urban area with a total area of ​​2870ha with a total investment of 217,000 billion.
This will be a general urban area, including houses (apartments, townhouses, villas, palaces …), shophouse, hotel restaurant, MICE, resort …
With a maximum population of 228,000, it will be a true megacity when completed. For comparison, the current Q4 population size is only 200,000 people.
Is the approval of this detailed plan a preparatory step for the early implementation of Can Gio area? It is known that the Can Gio urban area has been decided since 2004 and there are many rumors about when it will actually commence. In the past time, although there is no official time of operation, Can Gio beach, although not very clear, is a favorite place for surfing and shark sports.
It is also indispensable for Vietnam to deploy the urban area without building the Can Gio bridge, which many people also call Cau Gio bridge.
Division A
771 ha with a population of up to 65,000, is planned to be:
Amusement parks (theme parks, golf courses …),
Luxury resort tourism, residential areas (townhouses, villas, apartments),
Commercial services, offices, hotels, mixed-use zones and security and defense
Division B
587 ha, maximum population size of 71,000 people is planned as:
Residential area,
Resort area,
Urban public-service works (healthcare, education, administrative offices, commercial services, offices …), urban greenery …
Division C
Area of ​​303 ha with a population of up to 26,000 people is planned as:
Urban encroachment tourism,
Resort tourism, M.I.C.E (seminar, conference and resort combination),
Smart cities, high-tech services,
Houses, services, hotels …
Division D, E
The total planned area is 1,209 ha (zone D is 450 ha; zone E is 759 ha); with the planned maximum population size of 66,000
– Urban reclamation tourism,
– Resort tourism, M.I.C.E,
– Smart city, high-tech services,
– Houses, services, hotels …