Why are there apartments not delivered home has been rumbling a billion, why there are apartments handed over all year just a little bit and then? This article I discussed a bit of these things, from the inside out, ranked in order of least important to most important from the perspective of the writer.

1. Quality of finishing: compared to the current price of high-class apartments, the quality of finishing must be quite good, but actually there is not much difference between projects. Also only bricks, stones, wood. The stoves now 99% from Casta or An Cuong are the most cooks in Vietnam, the equipment is Toto Kohler Duravit … so most of the projects are the same. As long as the construction quality is not too bad (plumbing tank, seepage, or moldy lavabo kitchen cabinets) without a lot of phosphorus residents will not affect the price growth, but actually does not increase the price. Therefore, only the designers that make the difference will have the effect of increasing the price

2. Location / traffic: Although real estate is always location position but it must come with convenience too. For example, VHCP, Sunwah pearl are all beautiful locations that should grow, but positions like Bason are even more beautiful but still not up to the level (this man alone has many reasons to add the location). Why Sunrise City project is a beautiful peak, the location is so delicious but after one year of delivery, the price from 2017-2018 has not increased at all. Because the traffic jam is bad. Sun Avenue 8 court gentle location, beautiful center of District 2 but why 2PN is still attached to the 3.8-4t is not up to that number? The road is not convenient. The main route is full of big trucks. In the morning, if I took my child to school by motorbike, I would cry every day. The MCT face is dust and noise. As for the Hanoi surface projects like Masteri that Metro finished walking out to the station, the price increased. Therefore, location & traffic convenience have a big influence on the price increase after handover


3. Common ground: a little part. The current market price is too high compared to 2-3 years ago, so good projects that buy 50-55 million VND / m, now increase by VND billion to 70 million VND / m as normal. The first Empire had $ 3000 / m now with $ 6500-7500; Sunwah pearl’s original price compared to now only less than 2 years, just pay 50% of the money, but there is nothing below 1 billion marriage? VHCP also increased by about 40-50% after 2-3 years. Rivergate Quan 4 Original price is 40-44 hours at full 60-75 million / m. Thus of course the new price will pull up the price part. But this is not 100% true. Other elements will hold back depending on the project. For example, the whole pile of Hoang Anh Gia Lai along Nguyen Huu Tho was still only 18-20 million / m although next to Nova, Phu Long, Kien A, GS doubled but could not pull HAGL up even though the same area was next to each other; Or why is Thu Thiem now out on $ 7k and Bason is still struggling at $ 5-6k to not sprung

4. Name of investor: every fan has a fan club. Fast-paced investors prefer Nova, Hung Thinh and Masteri because they buy stage 1 and the final stage has a difference of 25-30% on average. But after 1 to 2 years of house delivery is unlikely to increase. Vingroup and Sungroup should have their own fan club. There is always a group of swinging houses following Vin’s buy. There is always a signal from the time of delivery until a few years later. The cdt hitting the “in” people like CapitalLand KeppleLand takes longer but the value increases steadily. In general, each type of cdt will have its own fan club

5. Number of units / court: when there are too many points without special points, it is really difficult to surf. There are no surfers going to the stars. The area of ​​2 buildings increased significantly compared to the area of ​​8 buildings such as Sun Ave. VHGP 70 court will be a problem for the secondary. Too much quantity will slow down the liquidity

6. Utilities: one of the important points. In the past, the store only needed a gym pool, but now it is difficult to convince people to buy a shophouse, trees, and a hospital school. why Bason has not reached its peak in 3 years, due to the lack of a shophouse compared to VHCP; Sun Avenue utilities are far behind Estella. Why would Vinhomes District 9 dare to sell 30-50% higher than around? All are utilities. When utilities are adequate and accommodations worth living, the value will increase AND KEEP PRICES after time

7. How to manage: management units & staff are the residents who meet daily. Ng we won’t remember the big guy cdt. One will remember the smile of the janitor, the respectful attitude of his servant, the warm-heartedness of the receptionist, or during the season how to respond quickly and effectively to the Management Board of the building, or policies that are responsible to the people to live appropriately and comfortably, or when there is a football match or how to handle the situation. Why is the house in the compound always higher than the house next to the compound at least 30-50%. Because it gives residents peace of mind, comfort, safety, convenience when having good management apparatus.

Source: Mr. Martin Ho.