Shophouse for rent at Vinhomes Central Park is always a “popular” type, attracting a large number of businessmen and investors. With the advantage of a complex that focuses on many types of entertainment and a large population living here.With the rapid development of the real estate market in Vietnam, Vinhomes Central Park is one of the most luxurious and busiest urban areas in Ho Chi Minh City. Among the types of real estate in this project, Shophouse possesses business potential and adds great value to the overall urban area. This product line has quickly attracted the attention of investors. private. Vinhomes Central Park is located in a prime location, right on the banks of the Saigon River, with convenient traffic connections to the city center and surrounding areas. The combination of green space, high-end amenities and modern architecture creates an ideal living environment.

Team City Apartment has compiled and updated the shophouses currently being offered for rent at Vinhomes Central Park:

Shophouse here has a diverse area, 1 ground floor, 1 floor structure suitable for many types of businesses such as restaurants, cafes, spas, fashion shops, … with complete information as follows:


Shophouse price list for rent at Vinhomes Central Park – Updated April 2024

Pictures of Shophouse for rent at Vinhomes Central Park:

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Shophouse Vinhomes Central Park creates a synchronous area with a fairly even distribution, specifically:

  • The Central area: 15 apartments, of which Central 1 has 9 apartments and Central 2 has 6 apartments.
  • The Park area: 67 apartments, of which Park 1 has 11 apartments, Park 2 has 12 apartments, Park 3 has 14 apartments, Park 4 has 9 apartments, Park 5 has 7 apartments, Park 6 has 14 apartments
  • The Landmark area: 41 units, of which Landmark 1 has 8 units, Landmark 2 has 9 units, Landmark 3 has 3 units, Landmark 4 has 9 units, Landmark 6 has 9 units and Landmark Plus has 3 units. Landmark 5 does not have Shophouse planning.

The area around Vinhomes Central Park is developing strongly, attracting many large businesses and famous brands to expand their business activities here. A civilized and knowledgeable community creates diverse consumer demand for high-end goods and services. This creates an increasing demand for convenient services and high-end products. This has created great business opportunities and increased prices for the shophouse.

Currently, Shophouse Vinhomes Central Park is being sold and rented at the following prices :

  • Selling price: Ranging from 180 million – 350 million/m2
  • Average rental price from 105 million – 350 million VND/month for a whole Shophouse with an area of ​​145m2 – 220m2
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