Shophouse Vinhomes Central Park is always a “popular” type of real estate here, because of the investment attractiveness from the Vinhomes Central Park urban area, the profitability of doing business here and the high liquidity of this type of real estate.

As a unit specializing in buying, selling and renting Vinhomes Central Park shophouses, City Apartment has updated the shopping cart of Vinhomes Central Park shophouses for rent in June 2024:

Shophouse information for rent Vinhomes Central Park shophouse rental priceLocation
Area 157m2, 1 ground floor – 1 floor 5200$/month Corner unit, nice location, frontage on main road, lots of passersby
Area 213m2. 1 ground floor – 1 floor 9000$/month Nice corner apartment fronting on main central street, many people pass by
Area 143m2. 1 ground floor – 1 floor 8200$/month Central street frontage, gathering a large number of vehicles
Area 172m2. 1 ground floor – 1 floor 7000$/month In the center of the area, near the big lobby, many residents pass by
Area 132m2. 1 ground floor – 1 floor 4500$/month Internal residential area. Right in the children’s play area.
Area 158m2. 1 ground floor – 1 floor 6500$/month Airy, crowded with residents, right next to the internal swimming pool
Area 213m2, 1 ground floor – 1 floor 13000$/month Located right on the main road, corner apartment, super nice location
Area 162m2, 1 ground floor – 1 floor 8000$/month Main road frontage
Area 210m2, 1 ground floor – 1 floor 350 million/month Corner apartment with 2 frontages

Why should you do business at Shophouse Vinhomes Central Park?

  • Prime location: Attracts a large number of customers from local residents and surrounding areas.
  • Flexible design: Suitable for a variety of business types such as restaurants, cafes, spas, fashion stores, showrooms,…
  • High-class utility system: Enhance brand and attract customers.
  • Civilized residential community: Creating an ideal business environment and outstanding development potential.

Customers interested in Vinhomes Central Park Shophouse type, please contact PKD City Apartment