“Covid-19 created earthquakes and … Shophouse Vinhomes Central Park is again the highlight.” Yes, with a funny statement but we also see that the topic of Shophouse always receives great attention and attention when it comes to utilities at high-class apartments in Ho Chi Minh City because it is an indispensable part in high-end apartment projects in general and Vinhomes Central Park in particular

Halfway through 2020, the first thing that everyone can surely see is that under the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, almost all business sectors and businesses are affected and lost. quite heavy. At the same time, the name Vinhomes Central Park has never been “hot” when the fact that the market price has decreased and there is a certain change is due to the oversupply and the demand is also less by a lot. There are various objective reasons but the number of rental and transfer transactions of apartments here still happens regularly and regularly.

And Shophouse is no exception, if at the peak of the outbreak of forced social isolation, the shutdown due to pressure on rental costs is too great is sure to happen, although However, in the beginning of June, the occupancy rate is gradually improving and getting better as the brands simultaneously open and put into operation such as Ministop, Fit25 and recently Chinese restaurants. Bun at Park 5. This is also a good sign and there is a good change as new names and new business models will prepare to add to the “ecosystem” to add more variety to convenient services. Useful here. Typically, a brand new hair salon under construction at Park 6 replacing La Vie En Rose Spa will officially open in mid-July 2020, along with the old May Coffee shop at Landmark 1 that has been branded. Another spa is rented, currently under construction and will be opened soon, Uncle Sam is also replaced with a bold Vietnamese restaurant and lots of other innovations.


Besides a number of positive signals, it seems that the market is looking forward to more breakthroughs in the rest of the year, to make a premise for the Shophouse market to really recover and develop in the coming period. The recent successful transactions have somewhat reduced the “suffocation” of rents as well as heating up the Shophouse segment. In addition, there is a “younger brother” named Vinhomes Golden River (also known as Vinhomes Bason) located right at a very expensive gold location in the center of District 1, which is also expected a lot compared to the “brother”. first about renting, transferring and utilities here, but why are they in a situation where the supply is so large when the number of apartments and premises is so much vacant? Perhaps there will be a separate article on them that can bring out all the perspectives from many different perspectives

Despite many difficulties, but from the overall picture, the Shophouse in Vinhomes Central Park is still a market with many advantages and attracting many investors both at home and abroad, because the density of residents here has been improved. This is a very good condition and the rent is gradually stabilizing with an average of $ 5000 – 8000. $ so investors can feel secure when looking to invest and also a “bright spot” of the market in the near future. Despite many difficulties, if Vietnam continues to control the current epidemic and overcome the disease, it will be a safe place, thereby creating trust and attracting expatriates to invest countries as well as foreigners. In addition to living and working, the number of people returning to Vietnam to avoid the epidemic is increasing.

According to the analysis of Shophouse Vinhomes Central Park – Nguyen Vo Phuoc Nguyen (0904320545) – City Apartment Company