SAIGON PEARL is a 10-hectare project built and developed by the investor VIETNAM LAND SSG, a joint venture of SSG Group and Sunwah Hong Kong Group, opened for sale from 2005 until now, 100% of the project’s items have been completed. Fort.

* Phase 1 has more than 1,700 apartments and 128 townhouses

* Phase 2 includes:
– 17 commercial shophouse houses are designed with 1 basement, 1 ground floor, 1 mezzanine, 7 floors, terrace with more than 1,500m2 used for living, office, hotel, restaurant, …

-36 adjacent garden villas are designed with 1 basement, 1 ground, 3 floors 1 attic. The highlight of the villa area is traffic vehicle, swimming pool, gym, service area designed to go underground. On the ground all are green trees and open spaces.


* Phase 3 is an office building, apartment block 41 floors high with more than 500 apartments and 30,790m2 of office area, more than 2,000m2 of commercial area at the foot of the apartment.


With such a huge number of apartments, office villas, shophouses, it has created a great opportunity for the development of the shophouse and townhouse market at the SAIGON PEARL project.
Specifically, the price of the 7-storey commercial shophouse when opening for sale is from 33-45 billion / unit of normal 9x25m2 of land, the current price is being traded at 100-150 billion / unit, increasing 300-350% of the investment rate. And the average rental price from 20 $ / m2. The occupancy rate is always 97-100%.

Especially, the upcoming handover of the Sunwah Pearl project with more than 1,400 apartments will surely add a huge number of customers to use the services of commercial areas at SAIGON PEARL.

City Apartment Company currently understands the very potential investment demand of the commercial Shophouse in the future Saigon Pearl project. So we boldly advise customers if they have good finance, consider this real estate segment.

City Apartment has a number of shophouse in Saigon Pearl for sale that are suitable for renting and using:
7-storey commercial townhouses with prices from 100-120 billion
Shophouse apartment for sale price 30-35 billion

Shophouse rental price Saigon Pearl

Shophouse apartment for rent from 4000-5000 $ / unit / 245m2
Shophouse townhouse for rent 350 million / unit
Retail rental area: 200-400m2, price 17-19 $ / m2
Rental price on ground floor 120m2 price 4500 $

Customers wishing to invest in learning to buy / rent a commercial shophouse at Saigon Pearl please contact

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