Thủ Thu Thiem Bridge 1
Thu Thiem 1 Bridge was officially put into use on November 29, 2007. Thu Thiem 1 Bridge is responsible for connecting Ngo Tat To Street in Binh Thanh District and Nguyen Co Thach Street in Thu Thiem Urban Area in District 2. Thu Thiem 1 Bridge has been completed.

Thủ Thu Thiem Bridge 2
Thu Thiem 2 Bridge is under construction. Thu Thiem 2 Bridge is responsible for connecting Ton Duc Thang Street in District 1 to the Boulevard Boulevard of Thu Thiem Urban Area. Thu Thiem 2 Bridge is under construction

Thủ Thu Thiem Bridge 3
Thu Thiem 3 Bridge is in the process of setting up a construction file. The location of Thu Thiem 3 Bridge starts from Ton Dan Street (District 4), crosses Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, Nha Rong – Khanh Hoi Harbor Area (Saigon Port), crosses Saigon River to connect with the new urban area. Thu Thiem (District 2).

Thủ Thu Thiem Bridge 4
Thu Thiem 4 Bridge starts from the intersection of Tan Thuan 2 – Nguyen Van Linh Bridge along Nguyen Van Linh Street, turn left at the intersection of Huynh Tan Phat to connect to Luu Trong Lu Street. The bridge continues to cross the Tan Thuan port area, cross the Saigon River, and then connect with Thu Thiem Urban Area at the North-South axis intersection and the R4 line.

The bridge to walk
The project is located between Thu Thiem 2 Bridge and the tunnel crossing the Saigon River (Thu Thiem Tunnel). Bridge foot of District 1 is in Bach Dang Port Park area and closest to Nguyen Hue walking street. On the side of District 2, the foot of the bridge is located at the riverside park and outside of Area A – South of the Central Square in Thu Thiem New Urban Area.