Sunwah Pearl is currently the project with the best selling price from the best developer in the area and Thu Thiem from only 95 million/m2 including VAT while The River, The Metropole Thu Thiem are selling 150-170 million/m2.


Handover of houses from September 2020 until now, the Sunwah Pearl project has come into operation quite stably, the project’s utility services have been handed over and operated according to commitments with residents.


In terms of construction quality and standard handover of 5 * apartments, the project has confirmed its position in the area.

The liquidity of the project is very good, as evidenced by the fact that the apartments sold from 2016-2017 have increased 2-3 times.
Silver House apartment 06 with original price of 7.3 billion customers who buy the first phase will get a 5% deposit to 6.8 billion. The current price is 23 billion.
Silver House apartment 08 original price 5.7 billion – current selling price 15.4 billion,
White House apartment 06, original price 5.5 billion – current selling price 14.5 billion VND
and many other apartments have been successfully traded by City Apartment floor.

In addition to the selling price, the rent has also increased a lot compared to before and is always in a state of no house to rent. The current rental price of Sunwah Pearl apartment is as follows:
1 bedroom apartment: empty house costs 16 million, fully furnished 22-24 million/month
2-bedroom apartment: empty house costs 30 million, fully furnished, price 37 million/month
3-bedroom apartment: empty house for 44 million, fully furnished for 52 million/month

With the conditions of location, services, utilities and bank interest rates, the cost of construction materials and labor all increase… City Apartment is certain that in the future, the value of Sunwah Pearl project will be worth to customers in the future. very strong increase.

Therefore, this is the golden time to invest in apartments at Sunwah Pearl project.

According to City Apartment.