Investor KEPPEL LAND has started delivering houses from December 2020 to now, it has been 6 months with the number of apartments of about 1000 units for two subdivisions Linden and Tilia.

The apartment rental market has been heavily affected since the beginning of 2020, so with such a short period of time, the number of units handed over is quite large, so renting apartments in Empire City also faces many difficulties.
With the central location of Thu Thiem not yet developed, only the Empire City project delivers houses, so there are not many convenient services such as cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, …
Especially at the same time of handover, there were also a number of projects also handed over to the market, creating many sources of supply such as: Sunwah Pearl, Onevernanda, Feliz, Q2, …

It is these difficulties that make renting apartments in Empire City very difficult.
According to City Apartment’s statistics, the number of apartments from the handover to the present time is more than 100 apartments for rent. But the resale is vibrant and deals well.

And the rental price is only 3.5% of the initial investment. Specifically, City Apartment has apartments for rent as follows:
– Empire City apartment 1 bedroom empty house price: 13.5 million/month
– Empire City 1 bedroom apartment with furniture price: 16 million/month
– Empire City apartment 2 bedrooms empty house price: 17 million/month
– Empire City 2 bedroom apartment with furniture price: 19 million/month
– Empire City apartment 3 bedrooms empty house price: 28 million/month/
– Empire City 3 bedroom apartment with furniture price: 33 million/month

With the ongoing epidemic situation making it more difficult to travel to countries around the world, the rental market in Empire City in particular and the Ho Chi Minh City market in general cannot be vibrant again.
Therefore, City Apartment is looking forward to the investor Empire City to create conditions for many shophouses to operate to provide utilities and services for residents.

City Apartment.

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