Dear Customers!

Please send a few words about a problem that in the sales we are a story without money! – Cut Blood!

The first thing I want to say is, we – Real Estate Sales, are consultants on investment solutions, and living environment related to real estate rather than just a “Stork “like the sighs and naming sarcasm for us.

We consider real estate sales as a career, a serious career, we are proud and proud of this work.

We are proud to help you choose a better, more comfortable new living environment; Help your children have a new and safer living space. We help you to affirm your success in society, marking you a milestone in your career success with a new home, a new level that you secretly wish.

We help you choose the best investment channel possible – Invest in real estate! Helping you to accumulate assets helps your “best” and most loyal “baby” in your children, making it a fertile and fertile home for you later. every wave of alcohol out there.

To help you like this, we have experienced many silent sacrifices! Every night, we have to be awake to improve our knowledge, information, skills and careers. Our 24/7 phone is never off to always receive a call for counseling information anytime. From you, we have separated from his wife and children to work from the north to Nha Trang, Da Nang, Phu Quoc … to care for you. We are far away from our wives, far away from our children, and how many sales we have even accepted to our family because of the work we have chosen! In the middle of the night, we sell our youthfulness to rain, hang each leaf, stick to each decan, and then be taken by the police to the Ward until dawn; On a sunny day, we wear a sunscreen, a mask at the red light crossroads to distribute flyers … We hurry to the airport to accept the highest ticket to fly for your trip. advise and support you … etc

Ladies, dear customers, something shared so much, also know how difficult and emotional not to mention all. But we do not complain, We are happy to help you get a job. It was not because of a few commission fees that the company paid for us, but we were happy to shed tears, even a night of awkwardness when receiving a message of thanks and notice: “She has received home to stay. – my wife and I thank you “!!! A message, a short phone call is a great motivation for us so that the next day we wake up from as early as having unlimited energy with passionate love! We can say drunk and share with our new colleagues about the anniversary of how it was a deal, a thank you!

What material, we are what ?!

With the current salary the floor paid us about 3-4 million / month! Is it enough for us to fill your gasoline and invite you coffee? With your salary compared to a house several billion, even tens of billions of You have penetrated?

And we just look forward to the commissions from the company that paid us to make up for that effort, to cover our expenses, to feed our children.

But that sad! Instead of understanding, sympathize for us, instead of a sincere thanks, many of you take away the little money. You made us have to “cut blood” !!! Floor! Both literally and figuratively, that is the BLOOD of our sales!

Dear guests, the blood of our salesmen is not the sea, please respect us, let us have enough blood, enough energy to serve you the best.



(Fb: Khuat Gia)