Sunwah Pearl apartment complex is a project with a reputable and transparent investor, Sunwah Group. With a large scale, the project consists of three residential towers: Whitehouse, Silver House, and Golden House. The project was handed over to customers in September 2019. Sunwah Pearl is located in a prime location on the main road in Binh Thanh District. With its advantageous location, Sunwah Pearl enjoys convenient transportation connections. It takes only 5 minutes to reach the administrative urban area of Thu Thiem, 5 minutes to District 2, and just 3 minutes to Metro Station No. 3 (Bason station). Additionally, surrounding Sunwah Pearl, there are other apartment projects such as Opal Boulevard, Vinhomes Central Park, and The Manor.


Sunwah Pearl is situated right next to the Saigon River, providing beautiful river views, cool breezes, and a panoramic view of District 1.

Above is an overview of the Sunwah Pearl project. Below are some important information for customers considering renting a unit at Sunwah Pearl.

Firstly, the rental price at Sunwah Pearl is a factor that many customers are concerned about before renting an apartment here. The rental price for Sunwah Pearl apartments ranges from 20 to 50 million VND per month, depending on the type of unit, the condition of the furniture, and the location (higher or lower floor). Here is a reference rental price for three standard types of units in this project:


  • 1-bedroom apartments at Sunwah Pearl, including units in Whitehouse (#02, #03, #04, #07, #08, #09) and unit #03 in Silverhouse, have rental prices ranging from 19 to 20 million VND per month for unfurnished units and around 25 million VND per month for fully furnished units.

  • 2-bedroom apartments at Sunwah Pearl, including units in Goldenhouse (#02, #03, #04, #05, #06, #09, #10, #11, #12, #13), units #02, #04, #07, #08 in Silverhouse, and units #01, #10, #05, #06 in Whitehouse. The rental price for 2-bedroom units at Sunwah Pearl ranges from about 36 million VND per month for basic furnished units to 42-48 million VND per month for fully furnished and luxurious units.

  • 3-bedroom apartments, including units in Goldenhouse (#01, #07, #08, #14) and units #01, #05, #06, #09 in Silverhouse, are priced between 45 and 55 million VND per month.

Secondly, regarding the unit sizes of the three types of Sunwah Pearl apartments:

  • 1-bedroom apartments have sizes ranging from 53 to 57 square meters.
  • 2-bedroom apartments have sizes ranging from 87 to 112 square meters.
  • 3-bedroom apartments have sizes ranging from 122 to 133 square meters.

Thirdly, the monthly fees that tenants at Sunwah Pearl will have to pay include:

  • Electricity and water usage fees, which are calculated based on the state tariffs.
  • Apartment management fees, which are calculated based on the apartment area, at a rate of 22,500 VND per square meter per month.
  • Parking fees: 310,000 VND per motorcycle per month and 2 million VND per car per month.
  • Internet and cable TV fees, which are paid monthly according to the chosen package.

Lastly, when renting an apartment at Sunwah Pearl, tenants will have access to numerous on-site facilities that the developer has invested in, such as children’s playgrounds, swimming pools, gyms, and indoor activity areas.

As a professional real estate brokerage company, we offer special benefits to tenants and landlords who use our brokerage services at City Apartment:

  • Temporary residence registration for tenants.
  • Tax advisory services for tenants and landlords.
  • Handling monthly expenses on behalf of clients, including electricity, water, internet, cable TV, etc.
  • Acting on behalf of landlords in dealing with any equipment damages in the apartment.
  • Providing house cleaning services.
  • Offering transportation services for moving belongings.