Everyone said holding cash as a king? True if holding money to buy. Buy what? Buying houses to buy land, buy Australian dollars, buy oil and buy anything. Holding money to spend money on inflation, not a King. When the government injected money, the inflation increased. Therefore, think again when all think “take money as a king” and “the price of bds will drop, stop waiting for happiness”, may be lucky to say once, not talking about the general market is not right. I tried to analyze for the doctor:

1. Everyone thinks that the price will decrease during / after the epidemic season? WRONG

– New projects are priced in the sky, River $ 6500-7000, Metropole $ 8000-10,000, Empire $ 7000-8000, Sunshine Q4 hundreds of millions …
– The project cost is too high, absolutely not cheap. Now, there is no longer public land, but auctions, an increase in bds transfer tax, an increase in the land price bracket, a restriction on project licensing that prolong the loan line, etc. push costs up. Therefore, CDT cannot be sold cheaply. House prices remain high for the CBD and become the high-end and luxury segment. ==> Intermediate projects are forced to relocate to surrounding areas ==> land prices in suburban areas have increased and prices of all these segments have to increase substantially; When the population expanded, the government had to make bridges for traffic. if the infrastructure increases, the price of land must rise ==> the price of new projects is much higher in any segment;
– When the new project is priced so high that it is clear that the demand for accommodation is still high, the investment demand is still high, the money will flow back to the inventory or secondary project. Duong nhien must be good projects and products. Demand increased supply less ==> prices increased again. When the secondary goods run out or increase nearly equal to the new goods, the new projects increase their prices.
– When the demand is high but not buying, then move to rent like a foreign country. The more people rent, the more the demand for sublease will be increased. Demand increases, so does the price of bds.
– No matter how you look at it, liquidity may slow down a bit in a short time. But the price is yet to see any reduction. Good first-class projects such as Diamond Ísland, Vinhomes Bason, Vinhomes Central Park, Sunwah Pearl or along Ben Van Don Q4 such as Royal, Tresor, Millenium, D-Mansion, etc. in the next 6-12 months
– When housing prices are too high, the government will have to allow the construction of smaller apartments so that people can afford them. The 25m2 1PN 50-60m2 2PN projects under the VGP will slowly develop.

2. Wait for stuffs to buy? WRONG

– During the epidemic season, the people who are most affected are buyers / renters. But it also reduced house prices by 3-5% compared to market prices, not much impact. Because the price of new houses has increased, secondary prices have not decreased, the demand for accommodation is still high.
– For projects that pay according to the schedule, the CDT will also be extended for 6 months, 1 year. No projects have been handed over in the next 6 months, so the home buyers have no pressure; Banks such as VPB, Tech are having policies to reduce interest rates, only pay interest on principal repayment for 6 months, etc., so the loans are still under less pressure so it has not affected much. Moreover, the homeowners who can afford the beautiful high-priced apartments never have to cut losses. So the price just went sideways but it was hard to go down. There have been many Vietnamese expatriates going to buy houses for 30-40%, like going to the market and being chased by VCs
– Apartment price is the least affected by the price bracket, according to the HDMB price, the market price should not be dropped, can only go sideway without increasing for a while and then again due to inflation. If the soil is pumped, the price will drop very quickly in the areas where it is falling, because the price is not true, not related to the epidemic. And whether it is lower than the pump price, compared to the original price before the pump is lower? No problem. The areas of Q9, Nhon Trach, Dong Nai and Long An, from the prison to the people to the place is not cheap anywhere

No matter what you look at, you can’t see the prices coming down. This time is a good time to choose good products to buy, not cheap goods to buy. “Catching the bottom” and selling all the trash is not good enough. catch a little higher but catch shrimp and fish, then make a profit. The market will move sideways for a while but it is hard to reduce it


Martin Ho.