Everyone commented and evaluated Vinhomes Central Park is a very potential place to do F&B business, services, … But why have so many shophouses stopped doing business over the past time. Let’s analyze Hong Diem – City Apartment.

– The first thing to mention is that the Covil19 pandemic was spreading, leading to too long social isolation.
– Delivery service, place to order food developed, so the number of customers is afraid to contact and use a lot.
– Rent and fixed costs increase.
– There is no marketing strategy: many local shops have not paid attention to this, leading to very few residents, so the revenue is not stable.
– Unstable quality increases selling price.
– There are many highly competitive industries with 1 location.

Meanwhile, some restaurants such as Pho Hoi, Highland, Hoang Tam, Hien Lanh, Trung Bun, Taste of Saigon, Asa Bistro, Pharmacity, supermarkets, convenience stores, … still operate well in Last season, because they always advertise the brand they are doing business, good service with quality suitable for the price.

Not only that, recently, with the spirit of anti-epidemic Covil 19 of the whole population very well, big brands have entered business in Vinhomes Central Park. Typically in 2020, there are brands: The Coffee House, The Warehouse, Vietnamese Dish, Ministop, Techcombank, Public Bank, Pho 24, Magic & Spa, Japanese Supermarket.


And currently in 2021, the Shophouse in Vinhomes have been fully leased for nearly 90%, Thus shows us that the Shophouse is still hot and very high value to continue serving the daily needs of the residents.
Notes when renting Shophouse:
+ Select a shophouse location with potential for development;
+ Know the density of people in the shophouse area to plan a business;
+ Calculate interest rates, compare, balance capital sources, optimize profits;
+ The most important thing in the business to develop and expand the brand is to deploy a marketing strategy widely outside of individual personal pages, the owner should be on the Community Groups pages.

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