In the past 3 months, the epidemic has affected the business of restaurants and shops, thereby greatly affecting the rental of shophouses. The expat is back, and tourism is slow, so renting houses or even long-term rentals affects. So what to do on this occasion?


If you buy to live or invest, then obviously this is the best opportunity to buy on. New projects market hourly prices in the sky, for example, BT and Q2 all 80-100 million / m2. The secondary acquisition of projects that are already or about to be handed over is still a worthwhile option during this time. A single buyer is not able to do anything for the cdt price offered for a new project, but it is clear that there is more than enough room for a secondary project. So the doctor who hunts well, obviously can still hunt for good bargains. Remember a few things:

– bargain price k means the cheapest possible. Still have to choose a good, quality, beautiful interior or view, etc. to make the product easy to sell later, or buy in, it is worth the money. Rather than just buying cheap because of their k nice but not satisfied, then the next buyer can not be satisfied? Liquidity is still more important
– Always pay the price with 1 smile. Sellers are also rich, but the buyers pay the price so they can not buy themselves. The same goes for the seller. Reduce a little quick sale to get money to do something else. But if you meet a hateful guy, leave it there hehehe

2. RENT / LEASE BnB / serviced apartments

This is no less controversial. Many people hug 5-10-20 low-rent apartments and sublease them. Doing business is certainly bad luck. They bear the risk of paying the whole month and then reselling it day by day. It’s like buying a cow and selling every liter of milk. Prices will be higher but certainly the risk is not filled. So, what if the business season doesn’t pay for housing? The lessee wants the sympathetic landlord to pay the deposit. The landlord asked if there was an increase in the rent but did you call support at the loss? And then returned the landlord also vacant k to continue renting who is supported competition? This is essentially the business risk, must be accepted. Profit and loss. Like surfing that k surf sometimes have to skip the pile. If you still lose all or half, please gently ask the landlord why now


If self-renting bnb is like a love affair, it’s obvious that a long-term lease of a few years will be like a bunch of people. It’s long-running and doesn’t lack dramas for years. These times are choices. Do you still want to continue this affair? As a host, should actively visit and can offer something to show that I will accompany you. If the family is just maybe the interest is enough. Face mask. Hand wash. Visit. If the company hires its bosses, or hires a class to open a restaurant, it’s clear the revenue is affecting. So offer 50% off 2-3 months (equivalent to free 1-1.5 months of rent) is not really much, but it is still a supportive way to wait “through the season”. Anyway, if we can’t afford to pay your house back 1-2 months, then leave it for 3-6 months then the same. Well rather a little bit also overcome each other. The tenant also noticed this. Talk gently for sympathy. Do not have “this is force majeure” or “the host must support”. There is nothing “right” here. If you go together for a long time, talk gently. Don’t let anyone’s ego ruin your job because no one will benefit if they break up.


Obviously this is the time to hire. People easily rent or pay a little more money, such as repainting a new house, adding a washing machine, etc., and because of the low price, they should take 2-3 years to benefit. But be careful how to bid and ask. The landlord is also in the form of money and chảnh. It is better to leave it blank than rent it if it is looked down upon. If I take a few months I’m not poor but a few months I won’t get rich so being clever is always good

Landlords: leave the house vacant for 1-2 months = discount 10-15% equally. Therefore it is not necessarily necessary to reduce prices. Sometimes leaving the blank for 2 months does not affect anything. But if the guests are friendly and cute, it will be the same price because it is empty. Therefore, the problem is that the two sides who are gentle and skillful will get to each other don’t think that “take advantage of opportunities” then everyone will not win. Always prioritize win-win

In the case of vacant waiting for rental, this is a good time to retouch the house. Cleaning, painting, repairing sundries in the house will be a good thing for you to be busy enough to reduce “worry”. It’s good to keep my house a little, after all. My house 1-2 years always retouched. Like my health. If you have a mild cold, treatment is always faster and less expensive than waiting for typhoid

I wish all the successful anti-epidemic