On September 28th, Vinhomes Joint Stock Company officially announced the planning of VinCity product line under the model “Singapore’s great urban and more.”
Accordingly, the VinCity urban areas are often large scale up to hundreds of hectares, not far from the center of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, is planned and developed in accordance with modern urban model of Singapore.

VinCity projects are consistent in optimizing living standards with low construction density; Give priority to space for landscaping and park and synchronous utility system from education, health care, office, commerce … to entertainment.

Especially, in addition to the preeminent urban model from Singapore, VinCity also adds new facilities to bring future residents the services and facilities that meet the needs of improving health, wellness God, family bonds, family friends.

VinCity Ocean Park 11

The panorama of VinCity Ocean Park with the highlight is the salt water of 6.1 ha

These are outdoor gyms with hundreds of training machines, alternating green spaces; BBQ park with hundreds of outdoor barbeque spots.

This is the ideal space for recreational activities, physical training of future residents. The VinCity municipality also owns a variety of sports facilities including tennis courts, basketball courts, football pitches, badminton courts, volleyball courts; 60 – 70 children’s playgrounds & playgrounds at the foot of buildings in each project and a series of resort-style pools …

Together with the model “Singapore and beyond” is a system of urban management services with prestige, quality has been confirmed from Vinhomes. Some items will be separated from the management fees and reasonable charges to meet the needs of individuals to minimize the cost of basic services and ensure fairness.

Another breakthrough is that, for the first time, customers will have access to a unique financial solution, with a 35-year installment payment period and a flexible payment method – VinCity’s financial solutions are considered. It is a new step, helping the majority of people can settle down, shortening the accumulated waiting time.


VinCity Ocean Park is scheduled to debut in Gia Lam, Hanoi, with the highlight of its saltwater lake and central lake.

Following this, Vinhomes will also announce VinCity Sportia – a nuclear city with dynamic sports spirit in Tay Mo, Dai Mo, Hanoi and VinCity Grand Park – urban park in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City.