Vincity Grand Park

Although not officially announced, the heat from the Vincity project in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City is spreading, affecting the operation of real estate brokerage in this area.

The project is expected


On these days, Nguyen Xien and Phuoc Thien – the VinCity project area – are bustling with hundreds of brokers on both sides of the road. They repeatedly offered and distributed leaflets about the project to passersby.

Although not officially announced by the owner, information about VinCity posted on these leaflets is quite adequate. For example, the project has the size of 365ha, the height of the building is 22 – 25 floors, the apartment area is expected from 30 – 90m2, the construction density is only 20 – 25%. Especially, the townhouse area from 100 – 180m2, shophouse area from 100 – 180m2, villa area from 200 – 400m2.

In addition, the facilities accompanying the project are also introduced with Vingroup branded utilities such as Vinschool School, Vinmec Hospital, Vincom Business Center, Vinmart Supermarket.

Present at the project area of ​​VinCity on 11/10, on Phuoc Thien street was built fence. Inside is a large site with a lot of machinery is leveling ground and building infrastructure. Even so, there are many marsh areas, rice fields are not leveled. Some houses of people along Phuoc Thien street have been demolished, but there are still many households living inside the project.


A person living near the project said he was curious because the scale of the project was too large. He hopes the project will change the face of the area and people enjoy the benefits of the project. However, this man is worried, so large scale how long the project will build and whether the construction affects people’s lives such as noise, dust, vehicles Exit to cause damage to the road …

It is known that from 2016, Vingroup Group has shaken the real estate market when announced to encroach into popular products with brand name VinCity.

Accordingly, the first VinCity projects are located in the potential areas of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. These projects are aimed at middle to high income earners, located in the areas of convenient transportation, social development of the city.

A real estate expert said, with the entry of Vingroup will make the market share of the popular segment as competitive. Since the information on this project has only just begun, it has greatly influenced the market in the areas it will be deploying. And VinCity in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City is one of the most anticipated projects in recent years.

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