Welcome the new project, which will be handed over and put into operation in July 2021 in Thu Thiem urban area.

That is The Galleria Residences subdivision of The Metropole Thu Thiem project with the scheduled handover of the shophouse in May 2021 and the apartment will be handed over after that.


Together with City Apartment, we recall some information about The Galleria Residences subdivision

Shophouse Metropole’s location: Lot 1-16 Thu Thiem (The Galleria Residences) has been sold out.

Shophouse area for sale: from 220m2 to 384m2

Regarding the design of Shophouse phase 1, there will be 2 types:

–           2 floors

–           4 floors

About the use of the function will have 2 forms:

Retail Shops (RS symbol) Owned for 50 years

– Duplex (symbol DP) Long-term ownership

Handover standard: outside finishing, inside rough delivery

Shophouse Metropole Thu Thiem Lowest Price Payment Progress:

Phase 1: TT 18 billion / 1can and signed capital contribution contract. Customers are entitled to 8% interest rate until the sale contract.

Phase 2: After completing the foundation of the pile, you will sign the PPA, only pay up to 50% when you receive the Shophouse.

– Handover: Quarter 2/2021.

On the sale of December 2018, almost 100% of the commercial shophouse has been sold out. Customers who buy then have to buy back with the difference of 2-5 billion depending on the location of the apartment.


Real photo of commercial shophouse The Metropole Thu Thiem.


The shophouse for sale at The Galleria Residences – The Metropole Thu Thiem is 5-10 billion VND difference depending on the unit.


– Shophouse river frontage 1 ground floor 1 floor: price difference of 9.5 billion

– Shophouse backside (look through phase 2): Price difference 10-15 billion


Currently, City Apartment has many shophouse (commercial houses) The Galleria Residences – The Metropole Thu Thiem as follows:


– Price: 30-35 $ / m2.


If you are interested in buying – renting shophouse The Metropole, please contact:


City Apartment – Hotline: 0909.660.567

Email: contact@cityapartment.vn