Starting from the end of January 2020 and peaking in March, the Covid-19 epidemic caused real estate market (real estate) in general to be quiet, many project owners were forced to reschedule sales, reduce prices or increase promotions. forever to attract buyers; secondary market many investors also had to cut losses and sell off due to financial pressure. And the real estate leasing at Vinhomes Central Park and Vinhomes Golden River projects is also heavily affected.


The short-term apartments for rent Airbnb, booking, … are not in business for the ban of the Management Board and the opposition of residents. The number of these apartments is about 400 units that are paying very low rent or sub-lease prices to recover capital.
Due to the same return, the pledges of Landmark Plus will also provide a large number of empty apartments to the market.
Many apartments were returned because of Vietnam’s entry ban they could not continue to live and work.
Many guests moved to townhouses, villas outside the center to quarantine.
According to City Apartment, after the rental situation in Vinhomes Central Park will be much better.

The number of customers who have been interested in Vinhomes’s projects will have the opportunity to find apartments that are not suitable with the budget.
Customers who are staying at the project will rotate and exchange apartments.
The ban on entry of foreign and new foreign experts is about to come to work and live.
With a central location of Ho Chi Minh City that is convenient to connect with neighboring provinces and with the infrastructure and synchronous facilities, Vinhomes Central Park will always be a project of interest and choice by customers.

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