– From the perspective of a real estate agent, I see that leasing space in a fertile market like Vinhomes Central Park is probably now just a “race” of brand chains. The individual business shops seem to be under great pressure because the cost of renting space here is not small, in addition to that they must be experiencing an economic crisis not only. each individual that is globally affected by a pandemic caused in early 2020. The fact that a series of Shophouse (SH) in the gables of Park are “dead” and vacant Almost half of this year, like Phung Hoang Lau, Body Friend, Mon Hue, … and some SHs in the area also have to return to the ground because of the pressure of rental fees as well as the difficult business situation. in the current period such as Toco Milk Tea, Cuc Cu Quan, Hoang Yen, … and more recently LaVie En Rose Spa in Park 6. It can be seen in recent years that Vinhomes shop no one can survive that must always change constantly

– During this time, there are also many brand chains, big company partners have been exploring and surveying here with the expectation that at present, it will be very easy to have a very good price so that they can acquiring an expensive location in this liveable urban area. BUT NO, with the “suffocating” prices of $ 8000, $ 9000 even up to $ 13,000, try asking when anyone hears that without “running away”. Then gradually, only the remaining “big brothers” can survive in this market. Why at this price, they can rent a better location on a central road? Why are they able to get a good position at this price with a much larger operating capacity? Perhaps just because the attraction in Vinhomes is still very large with a number of potential customers here.

– Besides, based on this point, many customers have sent to the Shop owners the terms that are forced to “force” them to the end: “This season no one can do business, so when Vietnam officially announced the end of the translation, the rent will be calculated “,” Shop $ 8000 negotiated down to $ 3800 to keep the price for 3 years? “, … These shop owners are also investors, they also need business. Try asking if they give customers too much, then they can get the bank to reduce interest rates and if so, how much will it be? Here is just support in terms of emotion, understanding and understanding for each other.

– Coming here, there will be a convenience store, one of the quite big brand chains of the City which is about to appear, preparing to set foot in Vinhomes at Park 5, although it is not yet an “easy” price. but somehow the two parties are happy and supportive together. This shows that the Vinhomes market is always “hot” and receives a lot of attention even in the epidemic season. But to have a valuable Vinhomes today, it also needs the support from both sides so as not to lead to the situation of stores “dead” in mass like today.

– Please send to our customers partners and owners of Shophouse in Vinhomes Central Park. As a service provider, I have to be responsible for the balance and guarantee the rights of both parties, getting satisfaction from both sides, so I hope that customers and shop owners will understand and create. Vinhomes has many utilities, always diverse and developed to meet the essential needs for the residents here. The utilities at Vinhomes cannot help mentioning the contribution of the shops in Vinhomes, but it is the Shophouse owners here who can create them, creating a perfect and high-class living value. , worthy of the most livable place in Saigon

– This is just a personal opinion. Not intended to affect an individual or an organization. Thanks to everyone


Nguyen Vo Phuoc Nguyen

City Service Apartment Company Limited