Join Ad Real Estate Ho Quang Man through the real estate market in May 5/2020

In recent days, Saigon has started to bustle again. The social relaxation command was abolished, and everything began to roll back. After a period of time lying hidden, now life is moving. Real estate is not out of that rule.

Taking a look at Vinhomes market, especially Vinhomes Central Park, we can see that apartment sales have recently leveled off. As the biggest project in SG in recent years, VCP is always vibrant and full of life, something that other projects have to crave. Because VCP has many advantages in terms of geography (near the center of Q1 and on the pretty street named NHC, the view of SG river …), the project also has investors who know how to create pushes to pushing the value of Vinhomes brand and project up (such as opening parks, Landmark 81 buildings ..) and importantly, a social network community here is too strong. There exists a close interaction between the entities: investors (residents), investors, real estate brokers. This creates the basis for the sale of other projects of the same community, when loyal customers are formed through community groups.

Covid can be seen to influence the price of rental housing here more than the selling price. With the amount of vacant apartments left over from airbnb (serviced apartments) and Vinhomes Leasing operations, the supply is too large and the rental price decreases. There are many units 1pn price down to the bottom of only 12-13 million, 2pn only 17-18 million. About 30% off. However, such cheap apartments are rented out very quickly. Because there are a number of potential customers who want to rent Vinhomes but have not dared to hire for a long time because of their high price compared to their standards. This is similar to buying and selling apartments here. The listing “cut losses” was also traded fairly quickly.

Next is Vinhomes Grand Park District 9. It can be seen that recently, it is more bustling, expected to hand over the first apartment in June. Although the project is quite far from the center, but due to its location in the most powerful development area in Ho Chi Minh City, and Vinhomes is also the investor with many strong PR tactics, they know how to create a hot level before each sale. In the near future, Vinhomes will launch a blockbuster: the most beautiful project and the East Zone: Townhouses – Low-rise shops, Villas to attract customers. And this will also be another mark of the project. Outside the Rainbow park was extremely hot before. In addition to subdivision 1 (Rainbow) priced at 38-40 million / m2, the subsequent 2 & 3 subdivisions have great potential. Specifically, Division 2 has the cooperation of Mitsubishi Japan, so internal and diplomatic goods for Japan are quite many. Expected unit price is higher than VND 50 million-55 million / m2. Division 3 is known to have been transferred to Masteri. This investor will do more advanced with a price of 60 million. This can be a factor for the transactions of subdivision 1 to become hotter when customers have the price comparison between subdivisions.

About Thu Thiem, the most luxurious residential area in Saigon in the future, the projects launched are extremely hot. The River Thu Thiem is an example, although the market before the covid epidemic had leveled off, this project was still selling well (in the holding period). Especially, the internal interest is sold to many foreign investors. The River price is around US $ 6,000 / m2, which is considered the best area in the region for future apartments in this area, especially compared to the price of US $ 8,000 / m2 of nearby Metropole. Expected to open for sale 27-28 / 05 this. Refico (the investor of The River Thu Thiem) is also City Garden Binh Thanh Construction, a prestigious demonstration of CDT. City Garden is considered as one of the most luxurious apartments in Saigon, with nearly 70% of the residents here are foreign visitors (Japan, Europe). It is expected that the opening of Thu Thiem 2 Bridge by the end of this year will push The River and other high-end apartments in Thu Thiem area further. Currently Sunwah at the foot of Thu Thiem Bridge 1 is also “eaten” in the heat. For example, the original 2pn is about 5 billion, only 50% of the money was sold 7 billion (2 billion difference). Nice view apartment very rare transferable goods. 3m2 apartment of 130m2 up to 14 billion. Ask questions with VCP, 4pn apartment very nice river view, area of ​​150m2 is 13-15 billion transactions still have potential to increase prices.

Recently, Vinhomes launched Vinhomes e-commerce website online. Customers can buy houses online. Previously, some real estate trading floors had quite strong e-commerce sites on real estate, such as Hoozing, Rever … Especially, Hoozing has been poured in a large amount of foreign investment funds, promising to lead the delivery trend. Real Estate 4.0 in the Vietnamese market in the future.

The resort real estate market, Vinpearl is about to launch Southeast Asia’s largest amusement park, VinWonders, in Phu Quoc. Attached to the shophouse system of this area will soon launch. So in addition to shophouse areas such as Vinpearl, VinOasis (casino) Grand World, more VinWonders are joining. With a relatively large number of shops, the investment efficiency is still unknown. Although Vinpearl can be considered as an extremely caring investor. This is also the occasion for Truly Homes Real Estate Floor to return to Vinpearl distribution. This is a known floor

Although for rent in Ho Chi Minh City, floors such as Nha Hong Phat and City Apartment, though not too old, have high growth rates.

At the end of the market review, answering the question “Where should provincial investment be made at this time?”. Da Lat, Phu Quoc and Can Gio (CG in Ho Chi Minh City, but this market is similar to the provincial market), are three potential places that investors should consider!

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