Buying a condo is always something that people buying the apartment need to follow and understand about it. With the current pace of its updating, it is inevitable to overlook the new regulatory elements.

This article will help you summarize all about the procedure of buying an apartment. From the contracting process. To the note about the clause in the contract of sale of the apartment. And the steps to pay money when buying a home.

But first we need to distinguish between buying and selling apartments from the owner and from the owner. How different?

1. Procedures and steps for payment of money upon the purchase of condominiums from investors:
Step 1: Purchase apartments

Take place before the project open sale, you can contact the trading floor was familiar. Or search the internet for advice, booking the best.

You need to note. It is not compulsory to buy a house. Because this is your own interest. If you have booked you will be better positioned than anyone else.

Moreover, you can transfer the amount of money you have deposited into the deposit if you like the apartment.

Reservation amount: 30.000.000 – 150.000.000 VND / apartment (depending on the project you are buying)

Step 2: Buy a pile of apartments

In this step you need to prepare the following documents to fit the procedure of buying a house

Identity card (People’s identity card)
Placeholder record (if you have held a seat)
Occurs during and after open sales. Once you have determined the apartment you can proceed with the deposit. The counselors will assist you in this section.

As mentioned above. If you have already made a booking, the deposit will be credited to your deposit. At this time you will be contracted deposit to buy apartments.

Step 3: Sign the contract

It will take 3 to 5 days after you have deposited.

There are 2 forms of contract signing under the procedure of buying houses:

Sign a deposit when the foundation is not completed.
Sign the purchase contract when the foundation is completed.
All the procedures for buying houses, contract documents will be supported by the brokerage. But keep an eye out for the terms of the contract before signing.

At this step you will pay the first phase

You will receive the contract by mail. The seller will return you at the address you specified.


Step 4: Pay as scheduled

You will pay according to the progress of the project. In accordance with the procedures for buying a home, the broker must send you photos and update the progress of the project for you. Every 7 days there will be a payment notice from the broker.

You must pay in time and not be late than 15 days. You can pay in two ways:

Payment in cash.
Transfer by account number provided.

Step 5: Hand over the apartment.

The time specified in the contract. Under the procedure of buying and selling houses and apartments you will receive apartments and have the right to conduct inspections.

At this point you can check the quality of materials. Measure the area in your home.

After you have completed the inspection activities you can receive the handover.

Step 6: Receive the certificate of land use right, apartment.

After receiving the handover from 1-6 months. You will work with the investor to make a certificate of land use rights

You only need the relevant documents required by the purchase procedure. Pay the required fees and wait until the day you are notified to receive the red book.


Through this article we hope that you have a better understanding of the procedure for buying a condominium. With the experience we have hoped you would avoid frauds from contracting.