Since the announcement of the Covil19 epidemic in late February 2020 and outbreaks in March, 4/2020 until now, the situation of renting apartments and shophouse in the project has changed quite a lot about the price and quantity of apartments.

The peak of this epidemic affected in 3-4-5 months the number of apartments returned due to: – – Foreign tenants could not enter Vietnam
– Due to fear of spreading the epidemic when living in apartment buildings, some residents and tenants return houses to move down to townhouses and villas.
– Do Vinhomes Leasing has returned notice due to the commitment of Landmark Plus.
– And the apartment is empty without any previous tenants.

Due to the large supply, the demand for renting is less, creating a situation where apartments for rent are down, there are times when a 50sqm 1-bedroom apartment costs only VND 11,000,000 – VND 13,000,000 before the price for the type This unit is from VND 18,000,000 – VND 20,000,000 / Month. For 2-bedroom units, the price is only VND 15,000,000 – VND 17,000,000 before the translation is VND 21,000,000 – VND 25,000,000. Most prices dropped by 30-40% compared with before translation.

Shophouse at Vinhomes Central Park project was also heavily affected by the epidemic. Due to social isolation and support from the Landlord during and after the service but the number of customers using the service was too small, many shophouses were closed.

But due to the attraction of the Vinhomes Central Park project with full utilities, the recent difficulties have been improved. Apartments for rent have risen again, the occupancy rate is better.

According to the statistics of City Apartment Real Estate Company (City Apartment) in May 5-6 / 2020, the number of apartments that have signed a lease contract is about 450-500 units. A number of Shophouse bounces have been leased and opened by other brands such as: Ministop at Park 5, Fit25 at Park 6, and upcoming cafe at Landmark 1, …

With a completed project, with full facilities such as Vinhomes Central Park will always be the place chosen by customers as a place to live, big brands choose as a place for service business.
Thank you.