The change of Director position of Ngoc Vien Dong Urban Development Investment Company Limited (investor of real estate project of Nha Rong – Khanh Hoi Complex) partly reveals the potential of the dominant owner. here.

According to VietTimes data, the position of Director and representative of Ngoc Vien Dong Urban Development Investment Company Limited (Ngoc Vien Dong) was replaced from Ms. Pham Thi Huyen Nga to Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Duong (SN 1974). ).
Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Duong is currently named in many other businesses, with a capital of trillions of dong.

In particular, Tan Thuan Nam Investment JSC (established in 2001, capital size of VND 3,500 billion); Future Plus Joint Stock Company (established in February 2017, capital size VND 3,500 billion); Saigon Tower Investment JSC (established in February 2017, with a capital of VND 800 billion). There are also other businesses such as: Crystal Empire Trading and Services JSC, Peak Performance JSC, Prime Star JSC, Sunny Square Co., Ltd.

These businesses are mostly active in the field of real estate, with more or less a link leading to Ben Nghe Infrastructure Development Co., Ltd. (Ben Nghe IDC) – the shareholder currently holds the majority ownership ratio. Investing in “super project” Nha Rong – Khanh Hoi.

Called “super project” because Nha Rong – Khanh Hoi complex is built on a land of 45 hectares, with a prime location right in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. City, the total investment of about 17,000 billion. This project, together with real estate projects in Sai Gon and Ba Son, is expected by the market to create a series of super projects located along the Saigon River, the most beautiful location in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM.

As mentioned by VietTimes, Ngoc Vien Dong was established in 2014. Initially, the company had a charter capital of VND 1,153.85 billion with the capital contribution of: Saigon Port Joint Stock Company (contributed VND 300 billion VND, accounting for 26% of charter capital); Vingroup (contributed VND 512.9 billion, accounting for 45% of charter capital) and Ben Nghe IDC (contributed VND 334.6 billion, accounting for 29% of charter capital).

In June 2016, Ngoc Vien Dong increased its capital to VND 5,400 billion. Vingroup and Saigon Port did not contribute additional capital. Ben Nghe IDC, with the capital contribution of more than 4,580.7 billion dong, equivalent to owning 84.82% of the charter capital, has taken control in Ngoc Vien Dong.

However, the position of Director of Ngoc Vien Dong was not immediately replaced, but had to wait for nearly 4 years to be transferred as mentioned. Meanwhile, since February 2017, Ben Nghe IDC has moved its headquarters to a number of houses on Ho Huan Nghiep Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC. HCM.

In a remarkable development, Ben Nghe IDC’s owner, Khanh Hoi Sugar Joint Stock Company (Khasuco), has completed the acquisition of a land area of ​​16,683 m2 at 145-147 Nguyen Tat Thanh located right next to Nha Rong – Khanh Hoi project. .
It is known that in May 2017, Saigon Port (Ticker: SGP) unexpectedly sent a letter to the Parent Company – Vietnam National Shipping Lines and the Ministry of Transport proposed to the Prime Minister to withdraw all capital from the project. Nha Rong – Khanh Hoi Complex Project.

However, in early January 2019, Saigon Port changed its mind and proposed to stop divesting in Ngoc Vien Dong Company. It should be noted that the contributed capital of Saigon Port now accounts for only 5.6% of the capital of Nha Rong – Khanh Hoi project investor.

By the end of 2019, Ngoc Vien Dong has made short-term advances to Saigon Port of VND 78.9 billion to support the construction of Saigon Hiep Phuoc Port, and long-term advances of VND 850 billion to accelerate port relocation. Dragon House – Khánh Hội. The handover, as of December 31, 2019, has not been completed./.

According to Viettimes