“The house is narrow, narrow alley … I just wish there were lots of green trees” – Uncle Nam, 62 years old, Retired teacher
“The public house touched, the whole house clothes smell pho” – Ms. Hoan, 42 years old, Business freedom
“Three generations are in the same house at a very inconvenient time” – Mr. Minh, 33 years old, IT staff
“They have been resting for a month now and have not been able to get them out.” – Dung, 38, Office worker


Somewhere in the heart of Hanoi, there are simple little dreams about a place to live in dream.

What if one day, living in the place where I dream … ✨

Each morning walk around the green lake sparkling, breathe the chest of fresh air.
Is the ideal place for families, there is private space for each member, there are various playgrounds for children.
If the sea is only a few steps from home, the whole family walks along the long white sand, listening to the waves of the shore.
There are full modern conveniences right below the apartment and where every moment of life is a memorable experience for your loved ones.

From thousands of such wishes, a dream life is created at VinCity Ocean Park – the great city of Singapore and beyond. Welcome!

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