The investor has started handing over houses from September 2020 until now, it has been 9 months with the number of apartments of about 1,000 units that have been handed over, placing a rate of nearly 70% of the project’s apartments.

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The apartment rental market has been heavily affected since the beginning of 2020, so with such a short period of time, the number of units handed over is quite large, so renting apartments in Sunwah also encounters many difficulties.
Especially at the same time of handover, there are also a number of projects also handed over to the market, which also have many sources of supply such as Empire City, Onevernanda, Feliz, Q2, …

According to City Apartment’s statistics, the number of apartments from the handover to the present time is more than 300 apartments for rent. In which, the number of vacant houses accounted for 2/3 of the number of rental units.
And the rental price is only 4% of the initial investment. Specifically, City Apartment has Sunwah Pearl apartments for rent as follows:
– Sunwah apartment 1 bedroom empty house price: 12.5 million/month/
– Sunwah 1 bedroom apartment with furniture price: 15.5 million/month
– Sunwah apartment 2 bedrooms empty house price: 17.5 million/month triệu
– Sunwah 2 bedroom apartment with furniture price: 20 million/month
– Sunwah apartment with 3 bedrooms, empty house, price: 25 million/month
– Sunwah 3 bedroom apartment with furniture price: 28 million/month

With the ongoing epidemic situation making it more difficult to trade and connect with countries around the world, the rental market at Sunwah Pearl in particular and the Ho Chi Minh City market in general will not be active.
Therefore, City Apartment hopes that investor Sunwah and Savill Management Board will have support to ensure the safety during this Covid19 epidemic for residents and customers.

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