In 2020, Vinpearl will promote comprehensive cooperation with domestic airlines to open domestic and international routes to Vinpearl-based localities, providing high-class package travel packages. in order to increase the number of visitors to the hotel system.

The theme of Vingroup’s annual report is “Opening the vanguard”. Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong, Chairman of Vingroup shared with investors, Vingroup’s development orientation is to become an international-class corporation, focusing on Industry and Technology to focus on establishing national brands. International.

“This is not only meaningful to Vingroup, but also a mission to contribute to the development of the country in the future. But first we need to succeed in the domestic market. To do that, we will have to make great efforts, constantly overcome ourselves, must invest strongly, accept losses in the first stage, must be very drastic and creative “, Mr. Vuong opens the direction of Vingroup. .

Vingroup culture is a culture of professionalism, expressed through the six core values ​​of “Trust – Mind – Mind – Speed ​​- Tinh – Nhan”. In which Vingroup protects Tin as its own honor, strives to ensure its commitment to customers. Put the word Tam as a foundation, take the customer as the center. Regarded creativity is vitality, is the development lever. Set the principle of “speed, efficiency in every action, quick decision, quick investment, quick change and adaptation” but from people, products and services are all up to the “elite” standards. And finally, Vingroup builds relationships with a humanistic spirit, upholding the power of unity.

Strong transformation

According to Mr. Nguyen Viet Quang, Vice Chairman and CEO of Vingroup, 2019 is a year of strong transformation for Vingroup when it is restructured into three pillars: Industry, Technology and Trade in Services. The active withdrawal from the field of Retail, Agriculture and Aviation shows Vingroup’s strong aspiration to create national brand products in key areas.

In 2019, Vingroup sold 67,000 cars and motorcycles, of which by the end of 2019, VinFast received 17,200 orders for cars, produced 15,300 cars in just six months from the main factory. wake up in operation. Vsmart impressed with a 7.5% mobile phone market share in December – just one year after its launch, with 600,000 phones sold in the year. Total revenue reached VND 130,036 billion, profit after tax reached VND 7,717 billion, increased by 7% and 24% compared to 2018.

In the field of real estate, in 2019, Vingroup handed over nearly 28,900 apartments, villas, commercial townhouses and sea villas, thereby further consolidating the number one market. As of the end of February 2020, Vingroup is operating 23 residential real estate projects under the Vinhomes brand with more than 50,500 apartments, villas and commercial townhouses.

2020 Plan

Although the Covid-19 epidemic strongly affected the economy in general and service sectors in Vingroup’s service, the group believed that with the 15th largest population in the world and being at a mechanical stage. Structure, strong growth of middle class and rapid urbanization, Vietnam has a solid demographic foundation for developing long-term consumer economy.

In the field of Industry, in 2020, VinFast is expected to launch some new models of cars, electric motorcycles and start producing electric buses. Thereby, VinFast continues its strategy to dominate the domestic market with high quality products at competitive prices, diversifying customers.

For the smart device segment, VinSmart is expected to continue to launch a number of smartphone models including the first 5G phones with Vietnamese brand and TV models using OLED technology. In addition, VinSmart will introduce smarthome devices, develop comprehensive smart city solutions for the three Great Vinhomes projects and launch AI-based security cameras.

In the field of Technology, VinBrain deploys AI Assistant Doctor in image diagnosis, connecting patients – doctors, and researching disease prediction charts and treatment regimens to domestic hospitals. . Vantix deploys and applies a wide range of solutions to analyze and optimize labor productivity based on IoT wearable devices in operation at Vinpearl hotel chains and factories of VinFast and VinSmart.

VinID expands the scale of loyalty programs with the goal of quickly gaining market share, developing payment services and algorithms of data analysis algorithms to offer promotional solutions, suggestions, find Make everyday smarter. New Retails – VinID’s smart and convenient shopping platform will be introduced with O2O services, two tools to help attract and retain new customers joining the ecosystem. As of February 2020, VinID currently has 9.4million customers.

In 2020, Vinhomes will continue to diversify its products to reach customers in many segments from mid-end to high-end and plan to open three new projects in Hanoi and Hung Yen.

Vinpearl will promote comprehensive cooperation with domestic airlines to open domestic and international routes to Vinpearl-based localities, providing high-class package tours to increase the number of number of guests to the hotel system. In addition, Vinpearl will introduce a new three-star hotel line under the VinHoliday brand aimed at the consumer segment.

Vinmec will promote digital transformation to enhance customer experience, continue to develop key products such as stem cells, gene technology. Vinmec plans to develop a remote healthcare center Virtual Care – this will be a core product strategy in the future. In addition, Vinmec will develop new models and products in line with the trend of changing from curative to preventive.

Vinschool plans to open a number of multi-level preschool and secondary schools in Hanoi and Ha Tinh, bringing the total number of students across the system to 33,300 in the school year 2020 – 2021. The entire Vinschool program is digitized and translate into an integrated online and offline learning program (blended learning) to reduce dependence on teacher quality.

VinUni completes the installation of equipment, facilities, laboratories, and develops all the detailed outline, teaching and learning materials of the English Pathway English program, the First Year Experience program and General Education courses to get ready for the opening of the first class in the fall.