Bond real estate new investment channel!

Banks limit real estate loans while real estate businesses are growing, capital demand is higher and higher. With the current average rate of return of 30%, mobilizing capital by bonds with interest rates of 9-12% is a new mobilization channel being favored by real estate businesses.

With interest rates 1.5-2 times higher than banks, this is a new investment channel not only for large investors but also a playground for retail investors.
The additional bonus of buying discounted real estate futures is more attractive.

Investors should note when choosing bonds:
– Bonds with asset security, underwriters.
– Reputable bank reputation.
– The right to buy real estate is really attractive.

Of course, the higher the interest rate, the higher the risk.

In this period of transparency, hopefully without super leather like Nguyen Van Twelve can smell all the fragrances Thanh Huong, Huynh La blind produce Andaco electric rice cooker, Lam Cau Dai Thanh motorbike mobilize 17% / month. from the people of 1990.

“Instead of borrowing from a bank with an interest rate of 10% -11%, not to mention complicated procedures, requiring collateral …, businesses issue bonds to raise capital from investors at an interest rate of 8% – 12 years.

In general, the investment channel to buy houses, land, apartments and then hand will bring higher profits, about 20% -30% / year but in return, there are many risks. Moreover, investors must have a basic knowledge and a decent amount of financial resources, about 2-3 billion VND to participate. Meanwhile, investing in real estate bonds does not need to have such a strong initial capital.

According to Tran Khanh Quang, Viet An Hoa Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company, businesses previously issued bonds but were not methodically, did not create confidence for investors. However, now bonds issued have tighter. All businesses have bank guarantees, so the liquidity is good, reducing risks.
“Investors who buy bonds of Real Estate Enterprises with 12% interest rate do not need to wait for 12 months to get interest rates but maybe after 2-3 months, they can go to the banks to negotiate a discount, get 11% in advance and Goods will wait until then ”- Mr. Quang instructed …

Choose face send gold

According to financial expert – Dr. Bui Quang Tin, bonds issued by real estate businesses are an attractive investment channel. However, he noted that the bonds with interest rates of over 10%, the risk will increase. It is difficult for buyers to update information after the bonds are issued, so corporate bonds need to be listed on the stock market to be transparent.

“In addition, according to current regulations, although not required, businesses must publish credit rating before issuing bonds. This is very important that most corporate bonds are ignored ”- Mr. Tin said. For individual investors, Mr. Tin said that they must carefully read the prospectus of corporate bond issuance, determine whether businesses are guaranteed by banks, have collaterals as real estate …

Meanwhile, real estate expert Tran Khanh Quang said that businesses currently want to issue bonds must go through an audit and consulting unit. These units will check the enterprise, transparency, profitability of the project, and plan to manage and use that mobilized capital. Enterprises issuing bonds have two types: bonds with collaterals, low interest rates, bonds without collateral are often high interest rates. Mr. Quang advised investors to note three points. One is the prestige of real estate businesses, two are issuers and three are banks associated with real estate businesses to issue bonds. “

Mr. Tran Khanh Quang